LIVES AND WORKS New York, New York

Christina Kruse is a German-born, New York-based multi-disciplinary artist who works across the fields of photography, painting and sculpture. Her ongoing body of sculptural series combines bronze, marble and wood in standing arrangements that reference geometry. Although grounded in structure, balance and stability, Kruse's sculptures nevertheless evoke similarities to the human head and face, drawing connections between rationality and the oftentimes more capricious side of human life.

Counting a broad range of modern artists such as German painter and sculptor Oskar Schlemmer and Russian Constructivist Kazemir Malevich amongst her influences, Kruse's artistic practice thrives on the notion of construction — that a work of art can necessarily be produced out of multiple elements that fit and connect with one another.

Previous works include 'Kugelmann' ( working title) , a four-part performance artwork where Kruse confronts the instability of the human lived experience. Getting into a purpose-built aluminum sculpture calibrated to automatically right itself after being pushed, Kruse allows herself to be taken along by the movements of the sculpture as it struggles to right itself in the face of multiple pushes and forces from all sides.

Her wall-mounted works, such as the series Anordnung, are made up of layers upon layers of cloth, tape, and oil. Although complex, they appear flat, and simple from afar.

Kruse is a recipient of the GLAAD award for Best Emerging Artist in Photography (2005). Her works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in New York, France, Austria and Germany, amongst others.